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Our Story



Welcome to The Old and New Company

Where timeless style lives on in forever pieces of antiques and homeware. We champion talented craftspeople from all over the world and give new life to beautiful vintage and antiques finds.

We offer understated luxury with classic pieces at the heart of our carefully curated collection.

Thanks to our founder’s unabated cushion addiction, there will always be soft furnishings aplenty. Build warmth and layers in your home through block printed textiles, rustic wooden treasures and salvaged pots and jars remade into beautiful lamps.

Our Story So Far

It’s been a long term love affair with interiors for our founder, Jennifer. Combined with a marketing background, she began selling antiques in 2015. Selling everything from French and Swedish antiques, foxed mirrors to country house furniture and paintings. Learning to bring much loved finds back to life and cherishing the stories that came with them. The journey has been a labour of love, balancing motherhood and a marketing career. 

Based in Surrey, we are family run and keen to grow organically around our lives. We know all too well how hectic life can be and how important home is to us all. By creating this online store, we hope to make it easier to access the unique items that you can’t find through endless online searches or high street shops. 

Made by Hand

We treasure and pass down the hand crafted. This is what adds substance to our homes and supports the talent and creativity of skilled artisans and their time honoured craft. 


When it comes to antiques, it’s the faded paint and patinated woods, the burnished brasses and the tales of old that draws us in every time. We’re captivated by the design details and craftsmanship that have withstood the test of time. We cherish the fact that we can, for a brief moment in time, be custodian of these items, before passing them on to new owners.

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